Banker's Maintenance & Inspections

Over 50 years of combined experience, the Executive Team at BMI offers a direct solution for all pre-foreclosed, foreclosed, distressed and portfolio holding properties.

Property Maintenance

A BMI maintained property is cared for with the same attention to detail as an occupied property

Property Preservation

Full service offerings from initial assessment to repair and maintenance

Custom Repair Services

BMI Extended Services encompass all aspects of preservation, maintenance and repair

Property Preservation

Our comprehensive Property Preservation Services are client-focused giving clients the choice of a-la-carte offerings tailored to their specific needs.

Property Maintenance

BMI provides the consistent care and monitoring that REO properties require. Initial assessment, grounds maintenance, cleaning, pool service & follow up quality assurance.

Extended Services

With an extensive staff of licensed professionals as well as valued contract partners, BMI’s flexibility to serve needs beyond the initial scope are almost limitless.

Tenant Occupied Services

Occupied home inspection services ensure proper and continued maintenance is occurring to preserve livability. If maintenance is required, repairs are coordinated.

Vacant Property Registration

The BMI Vacant Property Department tracks administrative, ordinance, regulatory and statutory changes managed by a group of diverse professionals.

Protecting & Preserving Your Most Valuable Asset

Properties Serviced

FL Counties Served

Trusted Contractors

$Millions Managed

Our Services At a Glance

Inspection Services

✓ Interior/Exterior Inspections
✓ Bankruptcy Inspections
✓ Occupancy Reports
✓ Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure

✓ Fannie Mae Form 30
✓ Residential/Commercial Door Knock

✓ Home Inspection for Originations
✓ Insurance Loss Draft Inspections
✓ Presidential FEMA

Preservation Services

✓ Property Securing
✓ Trash and Debris Removal
✓ Cash for Relocation
✓ Repairs
✓ Demolition
✓ Utilities Management
✓ Lawn Maintenance
✓ Bio-Hazard Remediation
✓ Code Violation Abatement
✓ Winterization
✓ Vacant Property Registration


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