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Barbara Hooker

Founder & CEO

Sixteen years ago Barbara formed a property management company where she managed the purchase, renovation and sale of thousands of distressed properties across multiple states. While many of the properties were sold, some were held by the company for rental. Drawing from her real estate experience, Barbara formed Banker’s Maintenance and Inspections in 2007 with the mission of providing a better way to preserve and maintain property values in a declining real estate market. Since forming BMI, Barbara and her team have grown BMI into a nationally recognized provider of REO and remodeling services. Barbara is unrelenting in her drive to provide clients, and subsequently owners and tenants, with the highest quality services in a timely manner. Barbara is a charter member of the Treasure Coast Builders Association and a Certified Women Owned Business, as well as a registered supplier with the Office of Supplier Diversity with both the State of Florida and nationally.

The next chapter in Barbara’s career comes as the debris removal service 844-JUNKOUT. Providing residential and commercial services there is almost nothing that can’t be “Junked Out”. Furniture, appliances, electronics, garbage, vegetation, vehicles, construction, hazardous, demolition… As the slogan says “Make The Call – We Take It ALL” and Barbara is already proving that a one-stop-shop is something that people have been wanting. Already in 30 counties in Florida, 844-JUNKOUT will soon be nationwide through a network of franchises and is currently offering investment opportunities for individuals, corporations and hedge funds.